I’m still getting comfortable with my tools.

I truly enjoy illustrating on the MS Surface Pro 2. I really do. But I am most definitely learning as I go. That said, I’m changing the way I’m both drawing and coloring Droblar.

I found a wonderful, custom brush set on an Autodesk Sketchbook Pro tutorial by Calum Alexander Watt. Calum is freakin’ amazing. I learned a ton from his tutorial and the artwork he’s shared on his website. I’ve been practicing with his brush set and it’s completely changed the way I’m doing the artwork.

Changed for the better, I believe.

I wasn’t very happy with the crosshatching that I used in the earliest panels. The airbrushed shading was fuzzy and made everything seem soft and fuzzy. This new brush set uses inking tools as opposed to the pencil and airbrush tools that I had been using. The ink tools feel much more like drawing on paper with actual pens.

I’m still getting comfortable with them (hence the delay on Panel 9), but I’m absolutely loving the process and the result. I hope you do too.

Let me know in the comments if you have thoughts, preferences, or recommendations for the inking and coloring.