One of the most challenging aspects of the Droblar project is management of my own expectations.

I’m excited about this project. It’s fun. It’s what I want to be doing and I love spending time on it. Those are all great and wonderful things.

But the pace at which I can deliver the story is killing me.

I admire anyone who is willing to follow along with this story as it unfolds. I should probably start with an enormous THANK YOU to anyone who is checking-in on a weekly basis. Really… thank you so much. I have to admire you, though. One new panel per week is just such an incredibly small reveal of information. I imagine that each week requires a re-read of the previous panels just to remember what the heck the story is about.

But maybe I’m only projecting my own sense of urgency. I already know what happens next. I already know where the story ends and the paths it travels to get there. I’m excited about it and I want to share it with anyone who’s remotely interested.

… yet the pace at which I can produce the story feels like it’s

C   R   A   W   L   I   N   G   .

I want to cram more in and more quickly. I want to do bigger reveals and have each panel rocket the story along.

I won’t, though.

As much as I feel personally pressured to spew everything out in one grand, arcing spray of story-chunks and art-bits, I’m forcing myself to hold a slower pace. It would be immensely gratifying to draw this story with the intent of rewarding weekly readers. It would be so easy… trust me. But I think that the way the story will ultimately be consumed is in longer, single sittings. I think it will work best in episodic chunks rather than in weekly or daily snippets.

There will come a time when I want to do a daily strip. Perhaps something similar to the occasional Lippy & Me strips I post on my blog. Droblar, however, isn’t the right story for that type of schedule. It’s a grander tale with arcs and mini-arc. As strong as the impulse to rush to completion is, I’m schooling myself for the long haul.

I truly hope that everyone who’s found the story enjoys it and continues to come back frequently. That said, I think that the farther along I get the more value there will be for viewers. Specifically for first time viewers. I’m doing this project with the idea of years rather than months in mind. I hope that resonates with all of you and that you’ll support me in my effort to tell the story as best I can and at the pace it requires.

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks again to each and every one of you.