Ok… I’ll admit it. These are difficult.

Regardless, I am committed. I’m determined. I’ll beg your forgiveness for not getting a new panel up each and every week. It’s not for lack of motivation or interest. That I will promise you.

Despite not being able to crank out pages as quickly as I would like, I do feel like I’m improving. It’s a rewarding feeling to have. However, I think I’m still very much on the uphill climb of my learning curve. And I mean that with regards to both my tools and my process.

I’m looking forward to a time where I can focus simply on telling the story and not struggling with the “craft” part of the process. Sounds nice, right?

Yeah… this ain’t my first rodeo.

You never actually arrive at that mythical nexus of talent and skill. You’re always trying for something new. Something different. Something better. I suspect that the same will be true for me with cartooning. Still, it wouldn’t kill me to be comfortable with something I spent 10 hours on instead of 10 days. =P

Hope you enjoy the new panel, folks.