Bing is the heart and soul of the Droblar story. Sure, Puck and Steve would get into far less trouble if Bing would mind his own business. But they would never be in a position to help Dani if not for his tendency to impulsively over commitment himself.

He is the moral compass of their group. In the perilous underworld, he prefers choosing the right path as opposed to the easy path.

Dani - Droblar Cast Pic



Dani is out of her element as a human girl, lost in the underground world of the Droblar. But the Millers are a hardworking family and their oldest daughter is no exception.

Challenges in life ought to be met with sass on your tongue and sleeves rolled up for work. Some hardships in life are internal, though. And Dani’s may be too big for her to tackle alone.



Puck - Droblar Cast Pic



Puck is the Droblars’ best engineer. He has a mind for levers and pulleys and angles. Cautious by nature, he prefers to take his time with, well… everything.

Even though he’s the brightest of the Droblar, nothing ever goes quite as well as he’s planned it. He lives in a state of chronic disappointment, sometimes in others, but always in himself.

Steve - Droblar Cast Pic





Steve is the rock of the group. He lives in the now and, while not so good at the whole future-strategy-thing, he’s tactically brilliant.

Steve doesn’t really have big plans for his own future. Instead, he’s impressively loyal to his friends and wants to help them achieve their own hopes and dreams.





Rozemberok is an ancient construct that bridges between underworld and the world above. It is amoral but not cruel. Rozemberok’s motives are its own, and it will trade information for information or a favor for a favor.

… or it might not.

Regardless, Rozemberok generally gets the better end of any deal it makes.


The Bystritca is a tragically sad creature and a terrifying threat to any unwise or unlucky enough to near her lair. Half bred and half engineered for some mad purpose, she survived a fall from her rooftop prison to escape into the underworld.

She is unable to lift her bladed hands long enough to walk. Instead, she sinks her claws into rock, flesh and soil to swing her feathered body through the tunnels in search of prey.